Volunteer of the Year

This award honors a volunteer who has provided extraordinary service over the past year (November - October). The volunteer can work in any capacity of VLTA - events, education, public relations, legislative, Examiner, membership committees, etc., in addition to those who work behind the scenes (not necessarily serving on a committee). Each year, the Board of Directors will consider quality, character, and length of service and uniqueness of circumstances when choosing the recipient. The Volunteer of the Year recipient will receive a beautifully engraved plaque and complimentary registration to VLTA Annual Convention.

Past Recipients 

Recipient Year Awarded
E. Claire Kennett 2010
Megan Meloon 2011
Deborah Allen 2012
Terri Stitzer 2013
Tracy Milanese 2014
Sonia Kuppert 2015
Frank E. Butler, IV, Esq. 2016
Stephanie H. Campbell 2017
Sharron Kennovin 2018
Robin West 2019
Colleen Taylor 2020
Ellen Whalen
John Mashack
Stephanie Vermillion