Industry Workforce

Title Insurance is, and always will be, an essential industry which offers a wide variety of careers. The Virginia Land Title Association has a vested interest in strengthening the skills of our industry's workforce.

The VLTA has created the Industry Workforce Development team to meet the needs of land title firms in the Commonwealth of Virginia for a skilled workforce, while educating and creating opportunities for both new and existing job seekers to prepare for and enter into well paid careers.

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Career Pathway



The VLTA has developed an infographic that shows some of the paths to a career in our industry.

Job Descriptions



Sample descriptions of the most prevalent positions in our industry in Virginia.

PAC Silent Auction



Whether you are a job seeker or employer, the VLTA Career Center has the tools and resources you need to be successful.

Scavenger Hunt



The VLTA surveyed several agencies to gain insight on salary ranges to fit various positions within a title/settlement agency. The results of this project will be published soon.

Awards & Installation of Officers



VLTA Professional Development opportunities exist to support land title industry professionals grow their career possibilities and define opportunities for advancement and evolution within the field.



Having spent over three decades in the industry, Ron still enjoys teaching and mentoring agents and colleagues.  In fact, he considers this a critical role as Underwriting Counsel for Old Republic Title.  Ron was unemployed when a colleague recommended him to a title insurer who was in need of an instructor for continuing education when insurance CE first became mandatory in the Commonwealth.  It was that opportunity which sparked his career in the title insurance profession. 
“The ability to think creatively in applying general principles and specific guidelines are the essential skills for anyone who is in the profession,” stated Ron.  

Ronald D. Wiley, Jr.
Underwriting Counsel, Old Republic Title


As VLTA works hard to create opportunities for the next generation and attract new talent into the Title Industry, one way you can immediately help is by sharing your story - how you landed in this exciting industry and what skills it took to make you successful.