Political Action Committee

The mission of VLTA is to advance the efficient and secure transfer of ownership of real property by proactively serving its members, the consumer, and affiliated associations. The VLTA Political Action Committee (PAC) plays a vital role in representing the legislative interests of your industry. Led by a committee consisting of volunteers and Board of Directors, the PAC committee identifies important individuals and organizations requiring support to benefit the industry. One of the key ways to ensure that we have a strong voice legislatively and represent you effectively is to maintain a strong PAC.

How does it affect you?

Regulations are authorized by an accompanying law. The laws that govern title insurance in Virginia change frequently and then they become Title Insurance regulations. As you know, those regulations affect your ability to do your job, negatively or positively, on a daily basis. 

How does the PAC work?

Contributions from title professionals, or related business entities, are pooled together and donations are made to members of the Virginia Legislature. Supporting candidates and elected officials who support the title industry financially gives VLTA an opportunity to get to know them and develop working relationships. They appreciate the industry’s support which allows VLTA’s legislative team to educate them about the importance of our industry to Virginia consumers and dispel myths about title insurance, and to create a stronger understanding and appreciation of what we do and why.

Why should you give?

The result of these efforts is a stable and successful title insurance industry in which you can continue to work and grow professionally. Supporting the PAC is a way of not only supporting your industry, but it’s a way of investing in your own career. So, please help protect your livelihood by making a contribution that fits your budget. Whatever the size of your gift, your support will help send a strong message to our state legislators about maintaining a quality title insurance industry. Your investment will make a difference! To candidates, a PAC represents numbers, constituents and strength.

Become a supporter today; invest in the Virginia Land Title Industry by donating to the VLTA Political Action Committee.

View a list of the current supporters here.