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At VLTA we believe that land title professionals have the power to transform the lives and well-being of consumer transactions in real estate across the commonwealth.

  • Easier Access to Everything VLTA
    VLTA members enjoy an easier way to find information, download resources, and manage your professional profile.

  • Education and Training
    VLTA is the only provider of the full suite of Virginia specific land title education programs. VLTA offers online pre-licensing education; the Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent ™ course; the Virginia Certified Title Examiner ™ course; continuing education; continuing legal education; and certification continuing education both live and online. Earn your mandatory 4 hours of non-agency sponsored credits while engaging with regional and local experts.

  • Member Directory
    Through the VLTA Member Directory, consumers and peers can search effortlessly for land title professionals. Members have the ability to customize their directory listing with important details about the specifics of their company and the services that are provided. 


Networking & Mentorship

Networking is one of the most important and valuable benefits provided through membership in VLTA. It is assurance that with the advent of new ideas and training you will be prepared and will stay in the know! VLTA’s senior members are supportive, encouraging and readily available to work with you. Through a variety of communications, they stand ready to share their experience and expertise with you.


Professional Development

To be effective and relevant in today’s industry, land title professionals must continuously build and refine their knowledge and skills. Our programs are designed to accelerate the skills of professionals who are brand new and help strengthen the expertise of seasoned industry professionals.


Regional and State Exposure

VLTA members have the opportunity to be recognized regionally and on the state level by being involved in the inner workings of the association. Committees are a vital way to have a voice in the substantive work of the organization and to respond to the needs of the land title industry.


Industry Advocacy

VLTA supports your business and the industry through advocacy and direct lobbying to implement constructive policies that create long term, stable progress for the land title industry. Each year, VLTA reviews and tracks dozens of proposed bills, develops relationships with key legislators, interacts directly with entities such as the Housing Commission, the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board, the Virginia Court Clerks Association, and the Virginia State Bar, as well as proposes and supports VLTA-developed legislation. 


Peer Support

VLTA members are critical to the development of ongoing content for the VLTA member community. Shared knowledge is key to exceptional industry standards.


Use of VLTA Logo 

Using the VLTA logo on business cards, website, and stationary is a great way to put your VLTA membership to work for you. It’s an effective marketing tool that quickly spotlights your professional affiliation and enhances your professional image.


Career Enhancement

Reach land title professionals through the VLTA Career Center by posting and searching for jobs, as well as receive expert advice on all you need to advance your business or career. Members can receive career coaching, assistance with building or fine-tuning your resume and reference checking.


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