Job Descriptions

The following job descriptions are samples of the most prevalent positions in our industry in Virginia. This should provide some assistance to those seeking positions in terms of how their skills might prove useful. Agents should feel free to customize these for their own job posts.


Skills: Microsoft Office and real estate closing software; ability to function in a fast-paced environment, understanding of basic concepts in the title industry, ability to learn new skills, excellent communication skills (active listening, questioning skills, willing to take feedback and implement), interpersonal skills, attention to detail, comfort with math. 

Functions: Prepares Closing Disclosure and ALTA Settlement Statements; Prepares title and closing documents; Understands and clears escrow accounting discrepancies and balances files; Establishes communication with customer, realtors, lender, etc.; Coordinates the satisfaction of title requirements, Lender requirements and contract requirements so that transaction is ready to close; Organizes file and coordinates with customers, realtors, lenders, attorneys to finalize closing figures and documents; Witnesses signatures/notarizes documents; Confirms file balances with all parties; Obtains funding authorization (if required); Prepares documents for recording (checks, envelopes, coversheets, all information included on documents);



Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office, highly organized and detail oriented, excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

Functions: Generates Welcome Letter/Email; File creation and order entry; Orders Title Search; Relays any issues found in title commitment; Makes initial contact with customers, obtains necessary information and documentation, verifies contact info, SS#s, Confirms marital status, forwarding addresses, Entity documentation, Obtains payoff information, Homeowners Association/Condo Association Dues, home warranty and invoices; Runs PACER search for bankruptcy filings; Provides wiring info; Coordinates/Schedules closing date with all parties.



Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office, highly organized and detail-oriented, excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, plans and prioritizes work to manage time effectively and accomplish assigned tasks, comfort with math/accounting.

Functions: Orders office supplies; Maintains PTO records for employees; Maintains staff employment anniversaries records for recognition; Receives and inputs all deposits into Operating Account; Obtains/pays company bills (rent, electric, internet, phone, advertising, copiers, title searches, insurances, etc.); Obtains bank statements and reconciles Operating Account each month; Prepares Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets monthly; Communicates company notifications to staff; Orders background checks on new employees; Maintains schedule of Insurance renewals; Assists with special events or marketing events.



Skills: attention to detail, organizational skills, communication skills.

Functions: Confirms file balances and documents are recorded; Communicates with buyers, sellers, and realtors that transaction has been recorded; Confirms receipt of all wires and deposits; Cuts/mails/overnights checks and initiates wires. Obtains Escrow Account Statements/Escrow Account Reconciliations from providers each month and reviews for outstanding items or other issues; Follows up on outstanding checks/issues; Provides reports for escheating funds to State each year; Confirms certificate of satisfactions are properly recorded among the land records; Mails out checks with invoices; Ships Lender original documents via overnight delivery service; Mails/Emails out title policies as needed; Uploads 1099’s.



Skills: extreme attention to detail, aptitude for fact checking and research, can work within deadlines without sacrificing quality of work, ability to analyze information.

Functions: Reviews Title Search, follows underwriting guidelines to prepare a title commitment/binder with endorsements for the transaction; Communicates with Underwriting Counsel as to questions and to confirm anything outside of normal underwriting guidelines, including over the limit approvals; Reviews PACER searches for bankruptcy filings; Confirms amounts of Title Insurance Policies and Premiums to be collected; Prepares Closing Protection Letter, Prepares endorsements, Reviews construction documentation and necessary affidavits, Reviews any issues as to requirements in order to issue policies; Point of contact with all insurance companies as to changes in requirements/bulletins to report to staff, as needed.

Certifies that ALL title requirements are documented in file; Confirms amount paid to Insurance Company is correct; Completes fields for policy issuance; issues/mails/emails policies; Remits and mails/uploads policy remittance checks at least once a month; Receives all construction endorsement requests (requests and receives signed affidavits, building permits and any other draw requirements, Coordinate to update title – provides all to agency underwriter to issue endorsement if necessary); Emails endorsements to lender for draws with copies to insurance companies. 



Skills: experience overseeing small to medium sized teams, ability to provide feedback to team members, ability to hold effective 1-1 meetings with team members when needed, understanding of the needs of the team and able to delegate duties accordingly, coaching skills (feedback, 1-1s), ability to see the big picture and help team members understand, thorough understanding of the closing process and ability to teach processes to new employees/existing employees. 

Functions: Reviewing company volume for determination of staffing needs; Hiring; Reporting to ownership as to company status; Setting office policies and procedures as to staff and systems; Reviews options for company savings; Handles marketing to customers, realtors and lenders; Explores options for opening of additional locations; Manages staff issues; Manages training.