Licensing & Certification

​Virginia Land Title Association is the Commonwealth's only provider of title insurance industry certification courses. Our Virginia Certified Title Examiner (VCTE) and Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent (VCTSA) courses reflect the statewide standard of excellence within the industry. As lenders are looking to verify the quality of third-party service providers, the VCTE and VCTSA are excellent signals that your staff is committed to high-quality continuing education! Settlement companies are strongly encouraged to engage the services of VCTEs and VCTSAs to ensure compliance. 

Virginia Certified Title Examiner (VCTE)  This course is currently under repair and unable to be purchased at this time.  VLTA anticipates the newly released VCTE program to be available in early 2023.

The Virginia Certified Title Examiner course is a basic introduction to title examination in Virginia. Covering a broad base of Virginia laws and statutes related to title examination, processes, and basic underwriting, the course prepares a new examiner for training in the field and ensures that existing examiners have a comprehensive understanding of basic title examination. 

Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent (VCTSA)

The Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent™ course is the only formal instructional program available for title settlement agents in Virginia. VLTA developed the VCTSA course to promote higher standards and skills for title settlement agents to benefit the land title industry and real property consumers. 

Title Insurance Pre-Licensing

VLTA offers title insurance Pre-Licensing education for those wishing to obtain a Virginia Title Insurance Agent's License (producer's license). The Title Insurance License is required for non-attorneys wishing to conduct real estate settlements in Virginia. VLTA's revised course strictly adheres to the examination content outline offered by the Virginia Bureau of Insurance.

Advantages of Certification

Moving into the era of regulation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), ALTA’s Best Practices, and outside agency vetting, it is important for all land title professionals in Virginia to recognize the importance of certification. These programs demonstrate to outside agencies that you and your company take education and professionalism seriously, and that you have met a high standard of competency within your profession. Additionally, the VCTE and VCTSA certifications are eligible to receive 16 credit hours of CE and the VCTSA certification is eligible for 15.5 credit hours of CLE as well as NTP credits