VLTA Member Stories

VLTA works hard to create hard to create opportunities for the next generation and attract new talent into the Title Industry. One way we can help you see your way into a career in title and settlement services is to share our personal stories of how we landed in this exciting profession, and what skills it took to make us successful. Please read on, and you'll see that we each got here through different avenues, but have stayed because it is a rewarding profession.

Shannon may have had it in her genes to work in real estate - she credits her mom who worked as a real estate agent for igniting her desire. After earning her law degree, she took her natural leadership ability and joined a title company.

"My career in title has allowed me to develop a wide variety of skills and talents from legal knowledge, management skills, sales and professional development," Shannon shared with VLTA's Workforce Development Taskforce.

Not only does she enjoy the constant ability to grown within the title industry, but also working alongside a great staff and within her community! If you have an interest in real estate and are passionate about great customer service, Shannon believes you could find the title industry a great fit for you, too!

Shannon McNair
VP, Operations & Compliance
Long and Foster Settlement Services

“Taking a course for credit towards early graduation from high school, Megan’s teacher arranged office-job interviews for everyone in the class - one of two interviews Megan went on would change her life. Old Republic saw her potential and put her in charge of data entry as a file clerk - back in the day when DOS was a thing! She chose a full-time career offering her more responsibility, experience and on-the-job training over going to college. From internal Agency Administration wearing multiple hats for 9 years, to Agency Representative for the last 15, Megan’s led a 23-year, exciting career! Her love of connecting with people and helping title agents be successful growing and maintaining a healthy business earned her the promotion to Assistant Vice President 8 years ago. Megan shared that a universal skill serving anyone well in this industry is being detail-oriented!”

Megan Meloon
AVP & Agency Representative at Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

As VLTA works hard to create opportunities for the next generation and attract new talent into the Title Industry, one way you can immediately help is by sharing your story - how you landed in this exciting industry and what skills it took to make you successful.