Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent

The Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent™ course is the only advanced instructional program available for title settlement agents in Virginia to promote higher standards and skills for title settlement agents to benefit the land title industry and real property consumers. Those who complete this course are awarded the VCTSA designation, a voluntary accreditation that is not required by Virginia law. This course DOES NOT count toward the mandatory 16-hour training course for the title insurance license. To learn more about Virginia licensing requirements, consult the Virginia Bureau of Insurance. 

The VCTSA course has been approved for 16 credit hours of CE/CLE (CE: 13 title, 3 law/regulations; CLE: title), and is also approved for credit toward the American Land Title Association’s (ALTA) National Title Professional (NTP) designation


The purpose of Certification Continuing Education (CCE) is to ensure that certification holders represent the most up-to-date experts in their chosen professional field. VLTA will continue to offer current and relevant education to assist certification holders in meeting this requirement. All CCE courses are vetted by VLTA’s education committee for their relevance, quality, and rigor.

Continuing Education: Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agents are required to complete 16-hours of continuing education each biennium, ending in odd-numbered years (12/31/2019). VCTSA Continuing Education courses are mid- and advanced-level courses designed to offer depth and insight into common problems faced by settlement agents; reduce claims; and provide resources for closers to resolve issues. 
If you received your VCTSA certification prior to June 2019, you must complete 16-hours of certification continuing education (CCE) before the compliance period ends on December 31, 2019 to remain certified. If you have completed another VLTA Certification program or you hold an active Title Insurance License, your CCE requirements is reduced to 8-hours for the VCTSA program.  

Login Assistance
Login credentials are included in the VCTSA letter that accompanied your certificate. If you have not received your credentials, please email Program Manager, Suzanne Campbell at for assistance. Your login credentials for your transcript are different than your VLTA login credentials but can be reset at your convenience.