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VLTA Title Insurance: Pre-Licensing Education

The VLTA Title Insurance Pre-Licensing course is likely the first step for those who are wishing to obtain a Virginia Title Insurance Agent's License (producer's license). However, whether you are a seasoned industry professional or a fresh face, we welcome you to our class. The Title Insurance License is required for non-attorneys wishing to conduct real estate settlements in Virginia, and as set forth in the Code of Virginia § 38.2-1814.1, anyone making an application for a Title Insurance Agent's License must first complete a 16-hour pre-licensing education course. VLTA's revised course strictly adheres to the examination content outline offered by the Virginia Bureau of Insurance. 

Course Details

The 16-hour course is delivered in eight video units which explain each concept covered in the content outline promulgated by the Virginia Bureau of Insurance as well as learning checks to ensure you are progressing with the knowledge you need to pass the exam. Each unit is self-paced, which means you can do as much or as little as you’d like at a time, anytime of day. You can pick up where you left off at your own convenience on any device just by logging in. At the end of the course, you will have access to study questions to prepare for the exam. Once you have successfully completed all portions of the class, you will be able to print the required course completion paperwork so that you can sit for the exam. Additional study materials are available for purchase and refer to each point on the exam content outline, so that you will have an opportunity to learn about, practice, and question each exam topic. Learn at your own pace. Study conveniently with our online questions and course manual. Be prepared for the exam. 

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Virginia attorneys may conduct residential real estate settlements as RESA registered attorneys without completion of the Title Insurance Pre-Licensing class, however anyone wishing to issue title insurance must complete the title insurance licensing course and exam. 


For those licensed as title insurance agents in other states, non-resident licensing rules may apply. Virginia offers reciprocity with many other states who report records to the NAIC's Producer Database (PDB). Learn more from the Virginia Bureau of Insurance

Non-Attorney Settlement Agents

Unless you are a RESA registered, licensed attorney or a qualified real estate broker or financial institution, individuals wishing to conduct real estate settlements in Virginia must take the Title Insurance Pre-Licensing Course. Learn more here.

VCTSA vs. Title Insurance Pre-Licensing

The Title Insurance Pre-Licensing course is required for the issuance of title insurance in Virginia. The course is also required for laypersons wishing to conduct real estate settlements. The VCTSA course (Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent) is recommended as an advanced course to be taken AFTER the Pre-Licensing course. It is NOT a substitute for the Pre-Licensing course, and cannot qualify a person to sit for the title insurance licensing examination. Learn more about the VCTSA course here