Virginia Certified Title Examiner

VLTA has released an RFP for the VLTA VCTE program.  To learn more about contributing to the new program as an instructor please download the RFP by clicking here

This course is currently under repair and unable to be purchased at this time. There is currently not an anticipated date of the new program release.  

The Virginia Certified Title Examiner course is designed to offer a credible minimum standard of professionalism to the practice of title examination/abstraction. Covering a broad base of Virginia laws and statutes related to title examination, processes, and basic underwriting, the course prepares a new examiner for training in the field and ensures that existing examiners have a comprehensive understanding of basic title examination. New title examiners are advised to seek additional hands-on training from an experienced examiner before conducting title examination in Virginia.

This course entails 16 hours of online course work followed by a final exam integrated into the online platform. VLTA lists all certified examiners as preferred providers on its website, and strongly encourages all agents and underwriters to use only VCTEs.  Students benefit from a comprehensive and detailed look at title examination across eight 2-hour online sessions. Students are also required to pass an online examination to qualify for certification as a VCTE.

The VCTE course has been approved for 16 credit hours of CE, and is also approved for credit toward the American Land Title Association’s (ALTA) National Title Professional (NTP) designation

The Virginia Land Title Association recognizes the land title professionals who have demonstrated their knowledge, experience, and dedication essential to the safe and efficient transfer of real property.

View the full list of VLTA members who have successfully obtained the Virginia Certified Title Examiner Certification here.
An updated list will be published in January, April, July and October of every year.

To view additional information that is not provided through this list, please use the member directory.

About Certification Continuing Education (CCE)

The purpose of Certification Continuing Education (CCE) is to ensure that certification holders represent the most up-to-date experts in their chosen professional field. VLTA will continue to offer current and relevant education to assist certification holders in meeting this requirement. All CCE courses are vetted by VLTA’s education committee for their relevance, quality, and rigor. VCTE Continuing Education courses are mid- and advanced-level courses designed to offer depth and insight into common problems faced by examiners; reduce claims; and provide resources for examiners to resolve issues. 

Continuing Education Requirements

Eight (8) hours of VCTE continuing education will be required each compliance period.  If you hold both VCTE and VCTSA certifications or a VCTE certification and a license, you will still need eight (8) hours of VCTE continuing education.  If you hold the VCTE certification, you will need 8 hours of VCTE CCE and if you hold a VCTSA certification you will need 8 hours of VCTSA CCE.  If you hold both the VCTE and VCTSA certifications, a class that offers both VCTE and VCTSA CCE will count for both certifications. 

Rollover credits from a previous compliance period are not allowed.

VLTA encourages all VCTE holders to complete at least two of their credit hours in ethics or law & regs courses. 

There are multiple ways that candidates can receive their CCE:
January 2022 begins a new biennium compliance period ending on December 31, 2023. 
All candidates who receive their VCTE certification prior to January 2023 must 
complete 8-hours of certification continuing education (CCE) before the compliance period ends on December 31, 2023.

VLTA profiles will include certification information.
  You should review your profile to make sure this information is correct.

VLTA will no longer be maintaining VCTE and VCTSA transcripts.  You will be providing documentation of your certification continuing education credits.  The recertification program will launch late summer 2022 on VLTI, VLTA’s online learning management platform. If you hold a title insurance license, a copy of your Sircon CE transcript will suffice.  If you do not hold a title insurance license, copies of class certificates for course competitions can be submitted.  For courses taken though VLTI, you can print a copy of your certificate list.  If you seek credit outside of VLTA, you will be responsible for keeping up with your certificates. You will be asked to upload one PDF file for documentation. Once you meet your recertification requirements you will be able to submit your information, we encourage you not to wait until December 2023 to do this.


Information For Outside Providers

VLTA encourages affiliated organizations to submit course offerings for approval as Certification Continuing Education (CCE) courses for the Virginia Certified Title Examiners (VCTE). Providers must submit a completed Outside Provider Course Approval form to be considered. Forms must be submitted a minimum of 15 days in advance of the live course. VLTA will provide credit for live in-person events, online/published courses, and on-demand courses.

Individuals may request approval from an outside provider who has not already been approved from VLTA. Individuals wishing to seek approval must submit the Individual Outside Provider Course Approval form a minimum of 15 days in advance of the live course.