2020 Convention Speakers & Sessions

The 2020 VLTA Annual Convention hosted six courses during the two-day period with an additional three courses available as a self-study format. 

Courses available during the two-day virtual convention. 
All courses are provided online through the Virginia Land Title Institute. Registered Convention attendees will have access to the course package through the end of November 30, 2020. Beginning December 1, 2020, the online self-study package will be available for purchase.




I've Been Working on the Railroad
(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
Since the invention of the railroad, construction of them has intersected with land issues. From the race to construction the inter-continental railroad in the 1800's to the abandonment of railroads and conversion to trails in the 1990's. Railroads have created land issues surrounding access, abutter's rights, and of course direct land ownership. Find out why railroads are so difficult to deal with when it comes to land issues. Learn about the Rails to Trails act of 1988 and legal issues surrounding the idea of "railbanking". Lastly, we will encounter a claims case that highlights all the issues surrounding railroads.





Surveys - Beyond Basics
(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
For years in survey seminars you have heard about the basics: why surveys are important, how to draft a metes and bounds description to make sure it closes, how to address encroachments, etc. This seminar looks at how title examiners find survey issues and report them to underwriters. Then how the underwriter evaluates what's come up in the search. Go beyond the basics using practical, real world examples.






Coverage Provided by Common ALTA Endorsements
(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
Are you tired of receiving a laundry list of endorsement requests from lenders and not knowing where to even begin with underwriting the same? Join us as we go over some of the most commonly requested endorsements, the coverages provided thereunder and how to spot issues and propose coverage alternatives so you keep your deal on track.






Successful Strategies to Resolve Virginia Real Estate Title Defects
(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
Only days away from closing and your title examiner discovers an unreleased lien or other defect in the title that is going to delay the closing. How do you resolve the defect so your clients can close on their purchase or refinance? DDuring this session, we will discuss strategies for resolving various real estate title defects that are often discovered during a title examination. Some of the most common defects or issues that arise involve an error in the legal description, the missing interest of party to a deed of trust, missed deeds of trust during a title search, unreleased liens, liens and bankruptcy, statutory automatic subordinations and foreclosures. By the end of this program, you should have a better understanding of how to tackle certain real estate title defects to permanently resolve the title defect for your client and any future owners of the subject property.






Easements & Recent Case Law
(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
This course offers an overview of the most common types of easements in Virginia and relatively recent case laws applicable to each. We will discuss the red flags to spot when considering the validity of an easement during title searches, the challenges of litigating easements in dispute, and other practical and related issues, such as maintenance and the burden on the servient parcel.






From Idea to Reality: The All E-Closing
(CE Approved, CLE N/A)
Are you excited about e-Closings, but don't know where to begin? This course is more than the basics of RON. Join us as we discuss what it took to get our first e-closing done! We will share our experience from beginning to end as well as the obstacles we faced from a settlement agent and lender perspective. This course will touch on getting your online notary, choosing a RON platform, and the overall big picture of an e-closing.



The courses listed below are available online in a self-study format for Convention Attendees.



(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
Under the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA), sales of real property by non-resident foreign persons or foreign entities may trigger a requirement to withhold funds from the seller’s sale proceeds to ensure collection of capital gains taxes that may be owed to the United States Treasury. This course will identify the persons or entities to which this withholding requirement applies, examine the obligations of sellers, buyers and settlement agents who are involved in the transaction, and describe the procedures that the parties and the settlement agent must follow to comply with the law and applicable regulations. The course will also advise settlement agents how best to prepare for and handle smoothly a transaction involving FIRPTA.






1031 Exchange Basics
(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
1031 Exchanges are a useful tool for investors, attorneys, title agents, and real estate agents. This course will give attendees an overview to 1031 Exchanges, in addition to touching on all basic rules, regulations, benefits and other concepts necessary for a successful 1031 Exchange. Attendees will learn about how utilizing a 1031 Exchange can not only help defer capital gains taxes on investment and commercial properties, but how it can be used as a tool to reinvest wealth and grow their investments.






Mechanics' Liens in Virginia-Managing the Risk
(CE Approved, CLE Approved)
This course will give an overview and refresher of Mechanic’s Lien Laws in Virginia. The risks for insurers in various scenarios will be explained as well as the policy structure and endorsements that should be utilized in insuring when Mechanics’ Liens risk is present in a Virginia transaction. There will also be discussion of the items that will need to be reviewed to properly underwrite and assess the risk.