The Association

Event SocialVLTA is governed by an all-volunteer, ten to twelve (10-12) member board of directors with representation of both agencies and insurers from all regions of Virginia. Our by-laws have established a mandatory balance of governance between agency members and insurer members. The presidency of the Association rotates between agency and underwriter members each year. The board is charged with the management of the Association. The board meets eight times annually. The VLTA is an IRS 501[c][6] not for profit corporation.

The VLTA has six standing committees that allow membership involvement in matters of individual interest. These committees are: Legislative, Communications, Education, Membership, Events, and the Examiner.
VLTA has three sections, the agents section, the examiners section, and the underwriters. The Sections focus on matters that are critical to their side of the title insurance business. In some instances differences in viewpoint are raised in joint section meetings where communication and consensus building become the paramount objective.

The primary purpose of the Association involves the education of the membership. The Association develops and sponsors educational seminars every year. Most seminars qualify for both Continuing Insurance Education and Continuing Legal Education. Title professionals throughout the State of Virginia and its surrounding states have the opportunity to continue their training and education in the title industry through VLTA’s Annual Conventions and Seminars. Professional Development Seminars afford further growth and educational opportunities to land title professionals.

The VLTA Board Of Directors Needs You!

There are always opportunities available to volunteer your time and expertise and we appreciate it. Our association and its volunteers are dedicated to furthering the profession of title insurance. 

The benefits are many:

  • A significant role in advancing your profession — relationship building with the BOI, State Legislators and more!
  • An opportunity to enhance the value of VLTA to the membership community.
  • Access to up-to-date information about the challenges facing your profession.
  • The chance to exchange ideas and perspectives with other volunteer leaders.

What we’re looking for in future Board Members:

  • Preferred demonstrated leadership commitment and involvement with VLTA through any of its committees and/or taskforce.
  • VLTA Leadership value and seek diverse leadership as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, and professional level.
  • Commitment to participate in eight (8) board meetings a year to include the Annual Convention and Fall Symposium.
  • Positive leadership attributes. Emotional intelligence. Ability to work collaboratively and engage in appropriate debate and discussion when needed. Visionary and strategic thinker.
We want to hear from you. If you are interested in serving, please contact any member of our board.