County Status Tracking

ALTA is tracking the operating status of recording jurisdictions around the country based on reports from ALTA members, colleagues, and State/Regional Land Title Associations. Please include the jurisdiction and state in the subject line. 

Download the latest status Recording Jurisdiction Operating Status Report anytime.

If you have updates to the information you find, please let ALTA know by emailing details to COUNTYSTATUS@ALTA.ORG. VLTA would also appreciate a copy of any updates you send to ALTA, please send them to VLTA@VLTA.ORG. ALTA is currently collecting the following information:

  • Operating Status (Open, Closed, Partially Open)
  • Posted Reopening Date (if available)
  • Search Status (Online, Walk-Ins, Unavailable)
  • Title Plant Data Available (Yes/No)
  • Recording Status (eRecording - All or Limited, Walk-Ins, Drop-Offs, Mail, Unavailable)
  • County Plan (Staffing, reopening plan, how the backlog/queue of recordings will be processed)
  • State/Local Website URL for more information