Convention Educational Sessions

(non-educational session) 


The Future Begins With Connection

Interpersonal connection has become complicated in a hybrid/remote work business environment. TERN Mentoring Founder and CEO, Tina Fox, shares how mentorship provides a bridge to reconnecting and serving a greater purpose through understanding, authentic curiosity and collaboration.



Common Problems in RESA Investigations 

A dive into the responsibilities of RESA IS staff within the Bureau of Insurance including a brief background of the Bureau and State Corporation Commission. An overview of applicable statutes and regulatory authority regarding title insurance and title settlement agents. Case examples and common problems found during annual RESA audits and field investigations.



A Trip Down Memory Lane: How the Title Settlement Industry Has
Changed in the Last 50 Years

The title settlement industry isn’t what it used to be! Learn how statutes, caselaw, and industry standards have dramatically changed the way we do business as title and settlement agents.


Safeguarding Small Agencies into the Future

In an industry where fraud schemes lie in wait around every corner, and best practices are in flux, what can agencies do protect themselves and their customers?  In an ever-changing environment, we must ask ourselves what we as agents can do and what information we can gather to safeguard transactions and our industry as a whole to ensure a successful future.  This presentation will discuss ways agents and small agencies can improve their processes to protect customers and transactions from issues like payment fraud, seller impersonation, and notary issues. 


Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits: Professional Liability and Ethical Pitfalls in the Real Estate Industry

This course will provide an overview of potential litigation actions against real estate professionals – attorneys, title examiners, settlement agents, real estate agents, etc. – including consequences for violating their professional and ethical dues as well as how to avoid them.



Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Title Agencies

This 1-hour Continuing Education (CE) course is tailored for title insurance professionals seeking to understand and integrate AI into their operations. As the title industry evolves, leveraging AI technologies offers unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced customer service. This course provides a comprehensive overview, beginning with an introduction to AI and its specific applications within title agencies, followed by real-world case studies highlighting the immediate return on investment AI can deliver. It addresses the critical balance between automating processes and maintaining the essential human touch that defines the industry. The program also confronts the potential risks and ethical considerations of AI deployment, emphasizing the importance of human oversight. Through interactive discussions and examples, participants will explore how AI can support creativity and reduce mundane tasks, allowing professionals to focus on the high-value aspects of their work. This course equips title insurance professionals with the knowledge and insights to thoughtfully navigate the integration of AI technologies, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry innovation while upholding the highest standards of service and ethical practice.



Mentorship Moments 

“All people want to be heard and know what they said mattered.” – T.F.

In this interactive workshop we will inspire one another in the stories that shape us creating avenues of connection leading to stronger industry ties