Convention FAQs

How will I know when and how to join the webinar/education session?
If you are registered for the Convention you are automatically registered for all of the educational sessions, awards programs, and virtual vendor booths. 

Within the emails from GoToWebinar will be a button to add the sessions to your calendar for effortless reminders. Although the sessions are pre-recorded, the instructors will be live during the programs for any questions.

You will NOT be able to use your phone audio for any sessions; good internet connections is REQUIRED in order to participate.  

What if I have technical difficulties?
Staff will be monitoring for communications during the Convention. Please take the time to ensure you can run GoToWebinar on your device prior to the first day of Convention to circumvent any potential technical difficulties. In addition, download the YAPP app, and set up your online auction account.

Am I required to attend every webinar?
In order to receive CE/CLE you MUST attend the webinar, be active during the program, and successfully answer the "Check Point Questions" (2 for each educational program) in order to receive credit. The Virtual Vendor Booth sessions are not required, however, you are only eliglible for vendor giveaways (which occur during their booth time) if you attend.

Why should I participate in the Virtual Vendor Booths?
When you join our sponsors in their virtual booths you not only learn more about their products and services, but you'll be eligible for vendor prize drawings (from participating sponsors).

How do I place a bid for a silent auction item?
An account is needed in order to bid. The process is quick and very little information is required. Simply visit the "Create An Account" page. Once your account is created, you'll be able to bid on items while the auction is open. Payment is due when the auction ends. Those wishing to make a donation directly to the PAC can do so on the auction site or by visiting

How do I get credit for my educational sessions?
To receive CE, VCTE and/or VCTSA credits your attendance must be documented and you must provide the compliance words shared for each educational webinar session. Participants must be logged in to each individual educational webinar and actively engaged until they complete the survey at the end of each webinar. This will document the attendance. Participants will need to enter the compliance words shared during each webinar in the webinar survey. The survey report will be evaluated to make sure you were present for the entire webinar and that the compliance words shared are correct.

How long will it take to get my CE, VCTE, and VCTSA credits?
We will begin processing CE, VCTE and VCTSA credits for the live webinars as soon as courses are completed. Please allow 10 days for our verification and submission process of CE, VCTE, VCTSA credits. Credit for the online, on-demand courses will be pulled and submitted approximately every 15 days. 

How will I get the Attorney Certificate of Attendance?
Once the credit verification process is completed for each live webinar, all participants who identified themselves as attorneys on their registration will be emailed the Virginia MCLE Board Certification of Attendance Form within 10 days. You will file for your own credit once you receive your certificate. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at

Where do I find presentation handouts?
Speaker handouts will be available on the Convention app and also in the GoToWebinar, in the "handout section" at the time of the educational session.

Will I receive a CE certificate?
Once the CE credit verification process is completed for each course, all participants receiving CE credit will be emailed the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Course Completion certificate.

What if I have a question that you haven't answered here?
Email us at and we will be happy to assist you with your questions!