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Push Through: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market, Add Value & Increase Sales In today's competitive and commoditized market, every title business is looking for ways to not only "stay in business," but to get ahead and grow. In this presentation participants will be provided an outline of three easy-to-apply ways to stand out and get ahead of the competition, while creating a business that customers will wildly talk about and refer more business to.




Title Tips & Traps
This course is intended to identify common underwriting scenarios that can lead to errors and claims as well as strategies for claims avoidance. These include problems with deed review, surveys, disclaimers, mechanic’s liens,municipal liens, the inter-underwriter indemnity treaty and powers of attorney. The course concludes with general underwriting best practices.




The State of the Industry: Preparing for Tomorrow
This course, presented by ALTA, provides a closer look into nationwide economic growth and the housing market relative to the Title and Settlement Industry. This presentation will also provide an overview of the evolving Title Insurance and Settlement Industry and the important changes industry professionals should focus on to stay relevant and competitive in their markets.





Cybersecurity- Title Claims
This session will present an overview of cyber fraud that has become prevalent in title transaction, discuss potential claims, and provide information on ways to mitigate risk.





An update on the status of electronic notarization in all its forms across the U.S. The notary’s continuing responsibilities in the electronic age, including the use of signatures, journaling, and the traditional duties and responsibilities of the notary public.





Dead Ends, Brick Walls and Other Euphemisms
We’ve all been there: moving right along on an examination when . . .  Blam . . .  it disappears. Sometimes it is just a speed bump, sometimes it is a black hole.  What to do when you don’t know what to do next. The workshop will explore various options and resources to get your title examination back on track.






Anatomy of A Title Insurance Claim
An entertaining and comprehensive overview of the title insurance claims process from start to finish covering topics outlining what a policy is, additional coverages under enhanced policies, exemption from coverage and measures of damages under the policy.




Cemeteries, Ghosts & Zombies Cemeteries, Ghosts and Zombies!  It is a scary time to be a title agent. Some of the most complicated land title disputes and issues arise from death of an owner. But do you have a duty to disclose if that death occurred on the property? What is stigmatized property? Cemeteries are a complicated legal status for real estate. While the dead cannot hold title to real estate, the right to inter a body in that legal parcel is perpetual. And no discussion of the deceased could be complete without a discussion of Zombies (Zombie Houses that is) and how they can foil the foreclosure process. This class will discuss such issues and identify issues that deal with each including claims stories


Combatting Cyber Wire Fraud This presentation will serve to focus attention on a trend that has been growing globally, and at a much faster rate in our industry.  Many directed threats, new malware, and more sophisticated attempts at phishing have been observed over the past year and have led to very real dollar losses.  The bad guys are getting very good at impersonating the language that we use, and even the forms & formats.  We will discuss some of the new terminology, review some worst-case scenarios, and leave the group with a few best practices that can be implemented at home and in the office.


Owner's Policy Coverage - How is the Insured Protected?
A fact-based discussion of standard versus enhanced coverage that will help the title agent or attorney explain the advantages of each policy. Learn how to explain the benefits of title coverage so consumers can make an informed decision as to which policy best suits their needs.  


E-Recordation: What, Where & Why?
This course will provide a unique look into the State of Virginia and its electronic recordation processes.  The panel consists of three Clerk’s from different jurisdictions across the state.  The objective is to discuss what is required to submit documents for electronic recordation, where in the state the process is up and running and where it is not, lastly how an agent should prepare to submit documents electronically and why it is important moving into the future.


Digital Marketing for Title Pros In this workshop participants will be presented with the “5 Must Haves” of digital marketing for title insurance professionals with best practices, examples and insights for having a professional, user-friendly website, how to get your title company showing higher in Google, and how to use content and social media to drive your business and build your brand. This workshop promises to be fun, interactive and insightful and will include small prizes for participation.