Sponsorship Details

2017 SponsorshipsPurchase a sponsorship package, and save on your advertising and sponsorships through VLTA. With our new membership benefits model, you’re sure to reach a broad base of land title professionals in Virginia. Regional events are free to VLTA members, so attendance will be high at these events. Our Annual Convention is discounted up to 50% for VLTA members, and we expect over 250 attendees this year. Choose from any of the flexible, high visibility options below, and watch your exposure grow in 2017! Remember - VLTA members save 10% on sponsorships, so be sure to renew your membership to save!

 Review sponsorship pricing below, or download our 2017 Sponsorship Package for reference.

Regional Event Host

Regional events are your opportunity to reach members in their own home town. These laid-back events will feature 50-75 guests each, and will take place throughout the year. With affordable pricing, and a broad reach, why not sponsor more than one?

                                     MEMBERS               NON-MEMBERS

HOST                                                    $750                 $825                             ____ 1 EVENT

DIRECT CONNECT                                   $150                 $165                             ____ 1 EVENT

Flyer Package

Blanket our membership with information about your products and services. The flyer package includes one 8.5”x11” flyer in our membership renewal and new member packages, and one flyer or tchotchke at every regional event. That’s 8 opportunities to reach land title professionals across the Commonwealth for a great price. Get noticed with the Flyer Package!

                                     MEMBERS               NON-MEMBERS

FLYER PACKAGE                                     $650                 $715                             ____ 8 EVENTS

Examiner Magazine Advertising

The Examiner Magazine is VLTA premier publication and features heavy-hitting industry articles on topics such as compliance, marketing, examining title, and managing claims. The magazine is published 3 times annually in digital format, and is now available on our new digital platform powered by LucidPress. The magazine’s readership includes over 5,500 land title professionals in Virginia. Contact our office for dimensions and specs.

                                             MEMBERS               NON-MEMBERS

FULL PAGE                                             $1000               $1100                           ____ 3 ISSUES

HALF PAGE                                            $750                 $825                             ____ 3 ISSUES

QUARTER PAGE                                      $500                 $550                             ____ 3 ISSUES

Sale! Examiner ads are on sale from July 27 - August 27. Take 50% off - email vlta@vlta.org for more details and to reserve your ad space.

Website Banner Advertising

There is no better way to gain visibility within the Virginia land title industry than through VLTA’s website. With over 40,000 individual ad impressions per year per company, and an average click-through rate of 1.78-2.56%, you’ll see a great return on your investment. VLTA’s website is the hub of activity within the industry, and our popularity and exposure grows each month.

                                      MEMBERS               NON-MEMBERS

FULL YEAR                                             $1000               $1100                           ____ 12 MONTHS

HALF YEAR                                            $600                 $660                             ____ 6 MONTHS


Newsletter Advertising

VLTA’s newsletter is delivered to over 4,000 land title professionals each month, and is visible online for up to 12 months following publication. Your ad can be featured prominently on any page of the newsletter, first-come, first-served. We can even help you design your ad!

                                          MEMBERS               NON-MEMBERS

FULL PAGE (MONTHLY)                           $100                 $110                             ____ 1 MONTH

HALF PAGE (MONTHLY)                          $50                   $55                               ____ 1 MONTH

FULL PAGE (ANNUALLY)                          $1000               $1100                           ____ 12 MONTHS (SAVE 16%)

HALF PAGE (ANNUALLY)                         $500                 $550                             ____ 12 MONTHS (SAVE 16%)