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Past Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

2011-2012 Volunteer of the Year

Deborah Y Allen

Deborah has served VLTA in many ways. She has worked in the title industry for over 20 years and has been involved with VLTA since 2005. Deborah has served on legislative, membership, and event committees and is VLTA's official wordsmith. Additionally, she spearheaded the implementation of our budget taskforce to brainstorm on generating new revenue streams, and she organized the highest attended networking meeting last summer, yielding the most new members joining in one evening. Deborah is also serving on the Virginia Housing Commission on behalf of VLTA for our TSA and TE initiatives. Lastly, Deborah always dresses with style and color, has a welcoming smile, and is gracious and appreciative of everyone's efforts.

2010-2011 Volunteer of the Year

Megan Meloon:

“Through my involvement in VLTA, I have made numerous contacts over the years and now when I attend VLTA events, such as Convention, Fall Seminar or Day on the Hill, I feel like I am reconnecting with old friends. Quite honestly, I cannot imagine NOT volunteering for VLTA in some capacity. It has become the “norm” for me to be involved and I will continue to volunteer as long as I am a member of VLTA.”

2009-2010 Volunteer of the Year

Claire Kennett:

"I was surprised and thrilled to receive the nomination as VLTA’s first Volunteer of the Year. To be recognized with the award at the 2010 Annual Convention ranks at the top of my professional career. There are so many wonderful volunteers in our association who are equally as deserving, and I will do my best to live up to this honor."I have been a member of VLTA for over 20 years, and have served on the Editorial Board of the VLTA Examiner since the early days. I knew Bill Johnston through his tenure at Real Title Company and was delighted to join the Board at Bill’s request. I never dreamed it would be such a long and enjoyable association. Where did the years go?When I became Co-Editor in 2008 I did not consider the possibility of becoming Editor- In-Chief since I could not imagine anyone but Bill in this role. He defined our publication and made it a real success. When Bill retired last year I agreed to step up and make this commitment. I was nervous about filling Bill’s shoes and being responsible for the continued quality and success of our magazine, but the support of a fantastic Editorial Board that is dedicated, creative, and hard working has made it easier and much more fun than I had anticipated. You all make me look good and I am so grateful! If you enjoy reading the VLTA Examiner, please consider joining our board. I guarantee that you have something to offer and will find it gratifying to serve our association in this unique way. As Dave Croson said at this year’s convention, “The VLTA Examiner is the face of our industry.” Give something back, and come be a part of it!















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