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Seeking Industry War Stories

Title Insurance Agents “ Get No Respect"

Life insurance, car insurance and health insurance – everyone understands. Title Insurance, on the other hand, continues to baffle not only the consumer but our own regulators.

For this reason, we are striving to put the face of the consumer on our product. To do this we need your war stories about how the consumer:

· was protected by the process of clearing title and/or anything that delays or prevents closing a transaction.

· was harmed due to the limitations of a title insurance policy.


Examples of what we need are provided below:

Title Settlement:

· A purchaser comes to the closing table with a photo ID that indicates by her date of birth, she is 65 years old.

· She has the physical appearance of a thirty something year old woman.

· She used her mother’s social security number and credit report to obtain a mortgage.

· The purchaser was working with her realtor and loan officer to commit mortgage fraud.

· Due to the settlement education of the closing manager, who knew to review the required verifications, i.e. signatures, photo ID, etc. coupled with the keen observation of the purchasers physical appearance, their fraud scheme was thwarted.

Title Examination:

· A consumer purchased a home in ABC Subdivision for $ 300,000.00.

· The location and lot are perfect for the outdoor pool they plan to build in the back yard.

· An owner’s policy was purchased at closing and they moved forward with the construction of the pool.

· The excavation for the pool revealed a utility easement 70’ in width that ran through the back yard.

· The easement was erroneously omitted in the title search.

· Due to the easement the consumer was not approved to build the pool.

· The consumer made a claim against their owner’s policy under which they received financial compensation.

· While the consumer was compensated for the title search error, it did not change the fact that they were unable to build their pool which was the primary reason for purchasing that property.


Please email us your “war stories” as soon as possible. We’re collecting these stories to educate regulators of the consumer protection provided by title insurance. This will serve as another step in our ongoing battle to gain the respect we deserve as professionals in the title insurance industry.


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