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2012 Fall Symposium
AM Speaker and Session

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This year’s event will focus on RESPA updates and changes by The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), under the tutelage of nationally known expert, author, and instructor, Karen Koogler– a highly regarded master of the title industry profession.

- (AM Session, 3.0 HRS CE/CLE)  It does not matter if you are a veteran title settlement agent who has been in business for many years or if you are a newcomer to the game; the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been empowered by the United States Congress to change the way you do business. In an effort to protect consumers, simplify real estate financing and bring greater transparency to the closing table, the CFPB has proposed changes that will alter the way real estate is financed and transferred. The settlement process is being completely reconstructed. What we know today as the HUD-1, Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) and Good Faith Estimate (GFE) are being merged into one document. The proposed disclosure forms look totally different from what you are accustomed. You will be required to present the consumer with the new disclosures three days before the closing, and CFPB is still deciding if you, as the settlement agent, will conduct the closing or if closings will be conducted by the lender. You will need new software for the new forms, and you and your entire staff will have to be trained all over again to be in compliance with the new rules. Fret not, because this session will walk you through the forms, explain the ins and outs of the proposed rule and equip you with the tools you need to be ready for these sweeping changes.

About the Speaker...

Karen Koogler

Students love her. Readers are inspired by her. Title agents look to her for guidance. Small business owners, especially those starting new title agencies, keep her on retainer. Regulators rely on her industry expertise for staff training, forensic analysis of pending cases, and compliance monitoring of industry violators. Attorneys on both sides of the aisle seek her expertise on industry lawsuits. Underwriters and title agency owners, who strive to comply with the law, send their agents and employees to her for compliance training. Those who choose to circumvent the law, silently pray for her retirement from the title industry or preferably from the planet. No one is better than Karen Koogler to lead the way with all things TITLE and the new HUD-1!
The Koogler Group offers a wide range of educational programs, products and services – regulatory compliance, prelicensing, CE/CLE courses, job skills and business basics training, delivered in a variety of formats including textbooks, online training, classroom sessions and national lecture tours. For more information, visit

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