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Beginning June 7th, VLTA is launching our Annual 50% Membership Sale! New members can sign up now, and take advantage of 6 months of membership for half price! Renewing members can also take advantage of the sale, so renew today! Use code Smiles2017 to take advantage of the discount. Membership renews annually beginning in December of each year. Memberships expire on February 1st.


Agent, Associate, Title Examiner, and Underwriter memberships are purchased by the parent company. All employees of the company benefit from the membership purchased by the company. Employees are not required to purchase a separate membership. 45% of your dues are allocated for lobbying expenses and are not deductible. Please consult your accountant or tax attorney for more information. 

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VLTA membership renewal forms will be mailed in October & November. To apply by paper form, fill out the VLTA membership application & submit a staff roster to or to (703) 995-0649 (fax). Be sure to include the name, phone, and email address of each staff member you would like to include in your membership.

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